ASG Early November Update

 We have a few outstanding deals for November. Check them out!

Air Start: Stewart & Stevenson TMSS 120. Output 120 ppm. Price: $28,888

Air Climatizer Cart (H/C Combo): Air-A-Plane 1520. Output 22 tons. Price $25,700

Lav Cart: Stinar Corp. Model No. 9612 SLO-74-2. Capacity: 100 G Bluewater / 150 G Waste. Price: 8,500 

Tug: TN-4 Diesel engine. Capacity: 4000 DBP (40,000 Lbs) with cabin and heat. This is an army unit. extremely reliable and compact. Price: $18,000

Belt Loader: Tug 660. Gas engine. Price: $23,700 to $29,500

Baggage Carts: Closed curtains, 8000 Lbs capacity. Price: $3,750

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